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  • 10 Mar 2017 9:22 AM | Glennie Mercer

    Our evening began with the "intentional networking" that is being introduced into our agenda, and was expertly facilitated by Amrita Garg. The energy in the room was high as members shared perspectives on values and then "asks" and "offers" during several small group dialogues. 

    Thanks Amrita!

    Michael Bungay Stanier then gave us a choice of topics to focus on and the group decided a review of how to structure and design an engaging process would be most useful. Michael modeled the behaviours as he facilitated the topic, sharing his design structure and facilitation techniques useful in engaging and empowering audiences. Michael provided us with choices, demonstrated how to create connections, unbundled the design process, and shared many useful tips and strategies. 

    If you missed the event, ask a colleague to tell you about TERA; Structure; Channels; Space; Learning; Self Management. And remember - give people time for self reflection, engage people by having them work in pairs or triads and create an experience - that's what folks remember. 

    Thanks Michael - we appreciate your generosity!  

  • 09 Feb 2017 1:21 PM | Glennie Mercer

    Melissa Hartley presented an insightful and thought provoking session based on the work of Judith E Glaser on "Conversational Intelligence(TM)". Melissa had us recalling "best" and "worst" conversations, and sharing our reactions and insights as to how these are created, and the impact they have on all of us. We were introduced to different "levels of conversation" and a "dashboard" useful in naming different approaches and reactions to the many conversations we and/or our clients are engaged in. There was lots of conversation in the room as Melissa created a safe and open space where different perspectives and ideas related to the topic were expressed.

    Thanks Melissa for an informative and interesting evening! 

  • 25 Nov 2016 3:00 PM | Kristen Thomason (Administrator)

    Wise Crowds provided a wonderful format for our last event on the 2016 TODN calendar.

     A huge thanks to our leaders Lisa LaVecchia, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, OTMPC (Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation); Cara Vaccarino, Executive Director, Edgewood Health; and Terri de Wit, General Manager, iFLY Toronto for participating so openly in this liberating structures consulting process.

    Our leaders were given a chance to bring a case to the group and receive a plethora of perspectives from our eclectic community. This "low tech" event gave everyone a chance to openly share and engage during the evening. The twist of having the leader turn their chair around while the groups discussed the problem (or challenge - no wait - opportunity!) allowed for a deeper listening and richer dialogue.

    Attached are a few pictures of our wise crowds in action. What a powerful, open and diverse community of OD practitioners.

    Thanks again to all who attended our 2016 events, have a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to seeing you on February 8th as we continue our theme for Winter/Spring 2017:  Evolution of Leadership: Self Awareness; Competencies; Attributes.


    Kristen Thomason (TODN Marketing Director)

  • 19 Oct 2016 10:07 PM | Glennie Mercer

    Wow! So much to learn!! A great evening! Many thanks to Faye Bontje who led us through a fascinating learning event - teaching and leading us as we discovered  the complexities and imperatives of LGBTQ inclusion. The information was invaluable, and the dialogue generated was terrific. I will post some additional links and resources shortly.  

    Also thanks to Misha Glouberman who facilitated our Networking segment. There was positive feedback and appreciation from all participants as the segment created connections and real opportunities to share our expertise with one another in specific and tangible ways. 

  • 19 Sep 2016 5:06 PM | Anonymous

    Our speaker for our September event, Pam Ross, describes herself as a culture catalyst on a mission to reinvent work so that people and organizations can meet their potential.  She believes that the work world has changed due to technology, globalization, remote work and economic pressures making traditional ways of working obsolete.

    Pam offered the Results-Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™) as a remedy.  ROWE challenges traditional organizational bureaucracy and management principles, replacing them with the premise that each person to be 100% accountable and 100% autonomous.  It challenges the assumptions and practices associated with the traditional work environment, for example: “Work isn’t a place you go, it’s something you do.”

    Pam led us through a lively and interactive discussion of the 13 guideposts of ROWE.  She left us with the challenge of listening to our own language for judgements that both support and promote a work environment that continues to measure accomplishment, productivity and worth based on time versus accomplishment.

    Interested in learning more?  More information and Pam’s contact information can be found in the attachment.

    Pam Ross Presentation.pdf

  • 10 Jul 2016 5:25 PM | Andrea Swanson

    In June TODN had their summer social. We were joined by Liz Rykert from Meta Strategies. Liz applied our "Shifting Nature of Work and the Workplace" theme to Liberating Structures.

    Check out the slides here:

    LS and the Shifting Nature of Work and the Workplace.pptx

  • 16 Apr 2016 11:21 AM | Anonymous

    The CEO of OMERS Ventures, which is the venture arm of the pension manager of almost half a million government employees in Ontario, believes that in one generation from now, there will be no employees in the economy.  Everyone is going to be a subcontractor!  Imagine that! A principal fund manager of one of the largest fixed benefit employment pension plans (and for government employees to boot) predicting that employment is going to disappear as the dominant form of work within 30 years!

    A presentation on this idea and its implications attracted a great turnout of over 35 participants.  Our presenter, David Creelman, co-author of “Lead the Work: Navigating a world beyond Employment” shared the ideas and insights from his book that make this radical idea a possibility.  We did a deep dive into the freelance economy and the emerging technology talent platforms that are enabling this economy.  True to form, our OD community engaged passionately and with lively debate on the possibility, morality, and social implications of a world where employment as we know it, disappears due to the large scale uberization of work. We quickly consumed the two hours in this engagement and did not get to how leadership might work after the talent revolution in a Post-Employment Age in this new Talent Economy.  People will just have to read the book to explore these ideas.  The other learning that was acknowledged by the community came from David’s graceful facilitation in the presentation.

    Last words from David – “Stay in Touch” -

  • 13 Mar 2016 6:26 PM | Glennie Mercer

    Our February event was well attended and Lou Pike presented interesting and compelling information regarding the opportunities, challenges and perceptions of cross-cultural engagement on teams and in organizations. We had lots to talk about, and as always, members shared various outlooks and experiences, both personal and professional, regarding the impact of cross-cultural differences. 

    Lou generously shared the attached slides as reference. 

    slides from Lou Pike.pdf

  • 03 Mar 2016 8:40 AM | Glennie Mercer

    Lisa Taylor engaged us from the outset, challenging us to consider demographics and the ageing workforce as the "Talent Revolution" carries on.  A few of the highlights included:

    •  "myth busting" - i.e. millennials will not necessarily have more careers than their boomer counterparts
    • opportunities to embrace and use our "yeah buts" to identify needs 
    • recognizing that the retirement age of 65 was a construct from the 1930's when average life expectancy was 62!
    • considering a new paradigm re our careers including a segment called "legacy career" for those between 50-75! considering life expectancy is now well into the 80's (and if you make it to 65 it's very likely you'll make it to 85)
    • recognizing that the "freelance economy" does not = "precarious employment"
    A lively discussion occurred, Lisa shared research and resources with us, and members engaged in the dialogue offering challenging and differeing opinions which kept the evening lively and thought provoking.

    Thanks to Lisa, and to our terrific membership. And as OD practitioners we need to continue to be catalysts for change by asking the questions and encouraging others to do the same. 

    Lisa's slides are attached.

  • 11 Dec 2015 9:36 AM | Glennie Mercer

    TODN's Winter Social was, as always, lots of fun, giving our members a chance to connect and create new relationships with colleagues, and to re-connect with old friends and colleagues from positions past :). Food, drink, games and great conversations - what more could we want! 

    It's been a great fall for TODN with lots of participation and "engagement" at our events, and I thank all of you who have come and participated in making this such a wonderful, open and interesting community of OD practitioners. 

    I am also grateful to our wonderful Board - an awesome team of individuals who share their expertise, energy and wisdom, ensuring we are creating the events and the environment that provides you, our members, with a positive and supportive network for learning and growth. 

    I've attached some pics of our Winter Social, and wish you all a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year as we continue to share the wisdom of our collective experiences. 

    Take good care,


    Glennie Mercer (TODN Board President) 

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