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  • 05 Apr 2019 9:44 PM | Jane Watson (Administrator)

    The Certified Change Agent credential is an internationally recognized designation. Attendees focus across the three days on three pillars of learning – How people experience change, how organizations navigate change and how to develop your role as a change agent to support people and their organization through change.

    The workshop engages you with active discussions, individual, pairs and group activities, multimedia learning, Lego® Serious Play® and a set of unique and proven tools and techniques for change enablement. The workshop includes 9 different change approaches, the competency of leadership, the relationship of project management and agile approaches in change, personal resilience, stakeholder engagement and influence without authority and more. The workshop is delivered by Rich Batchelor with over 25 years of experience in change across the globe.

    Upcoming Dates and locations:

    TORONTO: MAY 25-26 (weekend intensive)

    OTTAWA: JUN 5-7

    TORONTO: JUN 19-21

    SUDBURY: JUN 26-28

    TORONTO: SEP 18-20

    LONDON: OCT 2-4


    TORONTO: DEC 4-6

    To access the TODN member discount, use code TODN150 during registration. 

  • 29 Mar 2019 8:20 AM | Jane Watson (Administrator)

    Conflict management coaching, also known as conflict coaching, is a specialized niche in the field of coaching in which a trained coach assists clients on a one-on-one basis to effectively manage their interpersonal disputes and enhance their conflict management skills.

    The CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching was created in 1999 by certified coach and former lawyer Cinnie Noble - author of Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You and Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY™ Model.

    Participants who attend our four-day workshops are entitled to 29-31 CCEUs from the International Coach Federation.


    Upcoming 2019 Course Dates:

    • in Toronto April 23-26 and September 23-26
    • in Ottawa November 12-15

    Link for more Information: or contact TODN member Cinnie Noble at

    NOTE: There is a $200.00 discount for our workshops for members of TODN. JUST SAY YOU ARE A TODN MEMBER WHEN YOU REGISTER AND THE DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED.

  • 19 Mar 2019 12:29 PM | Kristen Thomason (Administrator)

    Lead and support change at any level!

    UPCOMING Program DATES April 15, 2019 - January 31, 2020

    Location Miles S. Nadal Management Centre 222 Bay Street, Toronto

    Designed for both those new to OD and Change, as well as those who have been practicing in the field without formal training, The Masters Certificate in Organization Development and Change has been designed to give you the applied knowledge and practical experience necessary to solve critical business and organization development challenges with proven behavioral science-based approaches and techniques. Building on theory/practice integration, you will develop a repertoire of skills, knowledge and resources that will be immediately applicable to your own workplace setting – whether a business, government, healthcare, not-for-profit or volunteer organization. 

    11 days + 6 days practicum over 9 months

    Optional: Start your Masters Certificate journey at any of the first three standalone modules. Complete all modules to obtain your Masters Certificate.

    For more details or to register see:
  • 15 Mar 2019 3:01 PM | Kristen Thomason (Administrator)

    Human Synergistics accreditation and certification programs prepare change agents to use the Human Synergistics integrated suite of assessments and simulations to produce measurable improvements in individuals, groups, and organizations. This network of change agents supports us in our mission of Changing the World — One Organization at a Time®.

    There are three different Certification Workshops multiple times a year (in both English and in French- this agreement is specific to the English workshops that are offered here in Ontario).

    · General Certification Workshop- Team and Group development & Leadership Development

    · Culture Certification workshop- Organizational Culture Inventory™

    · Leadership Impact Workshop- Leadership Impact Inventory™

    These interactive, hands-on workshops prepare you to expertly apply our assessments, surveys, and simulations to meet a variety of organizational change and development goals, including developing effective employees and teams, enhancing the impact of leaders, and building Constructive cultures.

    To access the TODN discount download the sign up form for the workshop you wish to attend and specify you are a TODN member.

    Impact Workshop 2019.pdf

    General Certification Workshop 2019.pdf

    Culture Workshop 2019.pdf

    For further information visit

  • 13 Mar 2019 11:55 AM | Kristen Thomason (Administrator)

    Are you a People, HR, Talent or Culture professional in Toronto struggling to retain great talent? But don't know why..

    Are you trying to build your employer brand? But not getting many internal referrals...

    Do you struggle to get substantial feedback from your employees or executives?

    If any of these sound familiar, this is the event for you!

    On Wednesday April 17th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm; 9 to Thrive presents: Turning Employee Feedback Into Action- a tactical panel discussion with best-in-class People and Talent leaders on how organizations can diagnose and address communication gaps to improve employee engagement.

    You'll learn:

    • Strategies to diagnose and address communication gaps between employees and execs
    • Tactics for effectively collect and analyze employee feedback
    • How to get exec buy-in by tying feedback to KPIs that impact your business
    • Insights into the future of employee engagement

    Hosted by Sarah Beatty (Founder of 9 to Thrive) and panelists include:

    • Leah Shelly- Director of Global Learning & Engagement for G Adventures
    • Lisa Madokoro- Employee Experience Research Lead at Shopify
    • Brennan McEachran- CEO & Co-Founder at SoapBox
    • Amber Authier- People Operations Manager at TWG

    Location: TWG, 425 Adelaide Street West, #300 Toronto, ON M5V 3C1

    Tickets are $25, Register here

  • 10 Mar 2019 9:33 PM | Jane Watson (Administrator)

    2019 ISODC Conference  |  May 15 - 18, 2019 |  Denver, Colorado

    Managing the Fields of Global Opportunity: A Futurist Approach

    Register online today


    Join us at the Embassy Suites Denver from May 15-18 to explore the future of organizational development and change in a turbulent world. OD scholars and practitioners from around the world will share their experiences and advice through interactive workshops and presentations.

    We encourage everyone to submit a paper idea by March 29 to have an opportunity to win a conference award, including monetary prize for best student presentation!

    Keynote Speakers

    Speakers are subject to change.

    • Terry Armstrong, OD author and scholar
    • Dexter Hendrix, managing partner and founder of Genesis Consulting
    • Jeanne Maes, professor of management with expertise in communications, negotiation, and conflict management
    • Ken Murrell, co-author of Empowerment in Organizations: How to Spark Exceptional Performance
    • Tojo Thatchenkery, featured in the Palgrave Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers
    • And others!

    Registration Cost

    ISODC strives to keep attendee costs down, as we are focused more on the exchange of ideas and collaborative experience of OD, not on making money. The registration fee does not include meals, but hotel reservation provides complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast and evening reception daily.

    • Members: $150
    • Non-members: $200
    • Student members: Free before April 20 ($50 after)

    For more information visit the ISODC Conference website

  • 10 Mar 2019 5:53 PM | Jane Watson (Administrator)

    Practicing Organizational Change and Development in the Global Community - International Society for Organizational Development and Change

    April 23, 2019 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm | Click HERE to register for this free event

    In this webinar, Dr's. Jerry Glover and Kimberley Barker will lead a discussion on practicing organizational change and development (OCD) in a global community. We will examine adapting across borders to create effective and appropriate change initiatives.

    Learning outcomes will include:

    • Understanding the diversity of how change is perceived in different nations, communities, and organizations;
    • Assessing the Change context and identifying appropriate change models, tools, and approaches;
    • Working with leaders who do not share your values and expectations;
    • Reconciling diversity and cultural differences for effective change and development.

    Here are some situations in which Change, Culture, and Leadership are needed for OCD professionals. We will examine further situations like this:

    • Trainer in teams methods assuming that participants in a collective-based community are open to working in U.S. type teams. 
    • AID consultant trying to improve sanitation - locals do not believe in germ theory.
    • With corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, CA - changing the performance appraisal process (individual focus) then sending it onto Korea, Japan, and China to be implemented.
    • Consultant using western based strategic planning in externally directed, fatalistic countries.

    Reading the book "Transcultural Competence: Navigating Cultural Differences in the Global Community" beforehand is highly recommended. The book can be reviewed or purchased at

    Globalization and diversity are the rules today, and professionals must be positioned to meet the challenges - and enjoy the benefits - of interacting successfully with clients and colleagues from different cultures. Transcultural Competence is the ability to adapt to sociocultural settings anywhere in the world, domestically or internationally, with or through prior knowledge of the cultural orientations of the people and societies one is encountering. The concepts authors delineate and the applications, assessment tools, and intervention approaches they provide in this cutting-edge book draw on case studies that illustrate commonly encountered cultural dilemmas in a variety of practice areas. The framework offered is documented to be immediately practicable for consulting and organizational psychologists and a range of other professionals and community leaders, as well as organizations.


    Jerry Glover, Ph.D. is a cultural anthropologist who has worked in consulting, research, and education projects around the globe. He currently is an associate of Trompenaars Hambden-Turner, consulting on client projects in transcultural competence and eLearning development. Dr. Glover is an Emeritus board member of the International Society for Organization Development and Change and a former peer review editor for the Organization Development Journal. He was a faculty member of the graduate program in organizational change at Hawai'i Pacific University for 27 tears. He earned his doctoral degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Florida in 1981. Dr. Glover's professional career includes working as a consultant on 150 change and development initiatives, including corporations, governments, and professional applications such as education, healthcare military, tourism, and training in locations such as Fiji, New Zealand, Hawai'i, the Bahamas, Europe, and North America. He has conducted extensive research on organizational culture, culture change, and cultural dilemmas in sociocultural encounters. Dr. Glover has numerous publications in the field of change, leadership, and culture. Dr. Glover may be contacted at 

    Kimberley Barker, Ph.D. is an educator, author, and speaker who received her doctorate in Organization Development from Benedictine University. Dr. Barker also has her MBA and BSBA from Hawai'i Pacific University. She has taught at Eastern Michigan University since 2015. She has spent five years in Human Resources and over fifteen years in Hospital Administration. She has also been the recipient of the Beryl Institute Scholar Grant and is currently serving as Vice President for the International Society for Organization Development and Change (ISODC). Her research interests include Global Organization Development, Cultural Competence and Dilemma Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution, Gender Equity in Organizations, Change, and Compassionate-Lean-Humble-Servant Leadership. Dr. Barker may be contacted at

    Click HERE to Register for this free event.

    Have questions about Practicing Organizational Change and Development in the Global Community? Contact International Society for Organization Development & Change (
  • 07 Mar 2019 6:30 PM | Kristen Thomason (Administrator)

    Spark the Change will take place on June 13 - 14, 2019 at the Ontario Science Centre. 

    An event for the whole organization, Spark brings together leaders from across the business to explore how they can work together to create lasting and total change. Talks and workshops offer inspiring examples and practical advice on taking action and overcoming obstacles.

    Eliciting the best from employees is more important than ever in today's world, and Spark is devoted to making your company a dynamic, happy place to work – from delivering fast innovation to growing high-performing teams through inspiring leadership. Learn from the leading-edge experiments of radical companies, including flattening the hierarchy, employee ownership, democratic decision-making and holacracy. Develop skills and plans in the workshops in order to return, ready to make change happen.

    At this conference you'll takeaway concrete tools from our 3 themes:

    • Unleash People
    • Organizing the Organization
    • Disruption & Change

    Use Code TODN for the 10% discount at

  • 07 Mar 2019 5:57 PM | Kristen Thomason (Administrator)

    The Change Leadership Conference 2019 is an all-day event to help business leaders, professionals and organisations navigate and respond to change in today’s fast-paced business environment!

    This year’s conference will focus on AI, Blockchain, Robotics and what is coming with the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will feature speakers and leaders from various industries such as the Government, Healthcare, HR, Finance, Technology and more!

    Get ready to go away with the knowledge, tools and strategies to help you prepare and stay ahead on:

    * How you and your team can be best prepared for disruption from technologies such as AI, Robotics, Blockchain and the 4th Industrial Revolution

    * How the AI and Robotics landscape is involving and could impact you and your organization

    * How other organizations are using and implementing these technologies

    Some of the speakers include:

    * Alex Benay, CIO, Canada

    * Claudette McGowan, CIO, Enterprise Technology Employee Experience, BMO

    * Benoit Hardy-Vallée, Associate Partner, Canadian Lead - HR Reinventio, IBM

    * Armughan Ahmad, President and Canadian Managing Partner, Digital and Technology Solutions, KPMG

    * Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Distinguished Expert-in-Residence - Privacy by Design, Ryerson University

    * Dr. Laura Copeland, Chief Medical Information Officer, Healthtech

    And many more!

    Register Now @ For more information please contact or call 416 915 4161

    TODN Members receive $100 off regular admission (discount code: TODN219) for the Change Leadership Conference on May 8th. Special group pricing of $150 off also available.

  • 20 Feb 2019 11:11 AM | Kristen Thomason (Administrator)

    TODN members and their peers receive $350 savings for our Toronto Workshop

    April 9th – 11th 2019 | 8:30 am – 5:00 pm | Rogers Stadium | Toronto Ontario

    Discover the power of non-directive coaching and how this skilled approach with others can enhance your professional and personal life. Facilitated by seasoned Executive Coaches (MCC & PCC level) who are faculty of the Executive Coaching Program at Royal Roads University in our ICF accredited program.

    The Excelerator Coaching System has won a Marshal Goldsmith Award and 4 PRISM Awards for Coaching excellence at both the national and international level. You’ll learn the theory, watch live demo’s, practice and receive feedback in a fun and supportive environment. You will walk away with the structures, tools and resources to effectively coach individuals and teams. More details at the below weblink.

    Corporate / Individual Rate 1495$

    TODN Member Rate 1150$

    Charitable Rate 495$ (Registered Charity or Board of Directors roles)

    For details and to receive either TODN member or charitable rates, please contact Sarah by email or phone at 226-920-9160

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