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Upcoming TODN Events

Our theme for 2018/2019 is Elevating Workplace Wellness Through OD

Mark your calendars with these upcoming event dates:
  • Wednesday September 26, 2018
  • Wednesday October 17, 2018
  • Thursday November 15, 2018 - Winter Social & Unconference
  • Wednesday February 6, 2019 - Speaker & TODN AGM
  • Thursday March 7, 2019
  • Wednesday April 17, 2019 - What Constitutes a Conflict Intelligent Organization?
  • Thursday June 6, 2019 - Summer Social & Wise Crowd Consulting
  • Wednesday September 11, 2019
  • Thursday October 17, 2019
  • Wednesday November 20, 2019
Testimonials from past TODN event attendees:

"TODN did it again with a great speaker serving content rich insight on a plate of warm motivation!" Seymour Hersh

"Sarah is a very positive, engaging and inspiring speaker and I found her session to be highly valuable. She is an expert in people and business and she shared numerous helpful tips on how to take your business to the next level while remaining true to your values." TODN member

Upcoming events

    • 17 Oct 2018
    • 5:15 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Ontario Heritage Building, 10 Adelaide St. E. Birkbeck Room
    • 46

    Date: Wednesday October 17, 2018
    Fee: Guests $75 (CAD) Early Bird through October 10th, $85 thereafter (CAD)

    Location: Ontario Heritage Building, 10 Adelaide St. E., Birkbeck Rm.

    Description: Dealing with Post Traumatic Job Disorder (PTJD) - Facilitated Discussion and Tool Sharing

    Event Itinerary:

    • 5:15 - Sign-in and open networking
    • 6:00 - Board introductions
    • 6:15 - Primary event 
    • 8:00 - Event wrap-up and other business

    Primary event: Dealing with Post Traumatic Job Disorder (PTJD) - Facilitated Discussion and Tool Sharing with Christine Burych

    Every year, thousands of people worldwide struggle with Post-Traumatic-Job Disorder (PTJD). This widespread yet under-examined condition is changing the landscape of today's workforce. How can OD elevate Workplace Wellness when fear-based management is prevalent?

    During this discussion we will examine how working in an environment where an employee feels targeted, isolated and systematically shut down can lead to Post-Traumatic Job Disorder, and what we as OD practitioners can do about it.

    Facilitator Bio:
    Christine Burych, President of StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting, works with leaders and their teams to create courageous, inclusive and engaged workplaces.  She is a trainer, facilitator and coach.  Her career has spanned twenty-five years starting from a front line community mental health clinician to Acting Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Canada’s largest academic mental health facility. Christine has held senior positions, facilitated, taught, coached and lead clients and families, community members, volunteers, employees and executives across various public and private sectors.  

    Utilizing her leadership and clinical skills coupled with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Christine has created, designed and implemented leadership development programs, employee engagement strategies, healthy workplace frameworks in conjunction with coaching and instructing leaders on how to create places that are healthier and more productive.

    • 17 Apr 2019
    • 5:15 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Ontario Heritage Building, 10 Adelaide St. E. Gallery Room
    • 47

    Date: Wednesday April 17 2019
    Fee: Guests $75 (CAD) Early Bird through April 10th, $85 thereafter (CAD)

    Location: Ontario Heritage Building, 10 Adelaide St. E., Gallery Room

    Description: What Constitutes a Conflict Intelligent Organization?

    Event Itinerary:

    • 5:15 - Sign-in and open networking
    • 6:15 - Board introductions
    • 6:30 - Primary event
    • 8:15 - Wrap-up and other business

    Primary event: What Constitutes a Conflict Intelligent Organization?

    Inevitable as it is, interpersonal and team conflict in workplaces is generally not viewed as an opportunity for growth and development of the organization or its staff. Rather, ill-managed conflict or avoiding the signals it raises can result in costly problems due to attrition, stress and medical leaves, reduced productivity, low morale and even loss of reputation.

    On April 17, 2019 please join conflict specialist Cinnie Noble, who will share her expertise about the opportunities to be gained from facing conflict head on. She will discuss what constitutes a conflict intelligent organization and what the ingredients are for building one.

    Bio of the speaker:

    Cinnie Noble is a former social worker and lawyer who entered the world of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the 90’s. She is a certified mediator and coach (PCC) and is a pioneer of the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching. Cinnie coaches and trains her model worldwide and is passionate about helping people find their way through conflict and training others to do so.

    Cinnie is the author of two coaching books – Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You( and Conflict Management Coaching:  The CINERGY™ Model ( In 1991, Cinnie was appointed Member of the Order of Canada for her work in the travel industry for people with disabilities.

Past events

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26 Mar 2015 Learning and Performance through Facilitated Peer Coaching
18 Feb 2015 TODN Annual General Meeting
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27 Nov 2014 "Drumming" and Networking - Our Annual Winter Social
23 Oct 2014 M​ental Health in the Workplace
17 Sep 2014 Building Resilient Organizations: Lessons from the US Army and the Science of Resilience
24 Jul 2014 TODN Patio Night
12 Jun 2014 Holacracy--with Fernando Lopez
08 May 2014 New Mental Models for Working with Teams and Organizations--with Mark Federman
27 Mar 2014 Agile Change Management--with Jason Little
27 Mar 2014 TODN Annual General Meeting
12 Feb 2014 Rescheduled for May: New Mental Models for Working with Teams and Organizations--with Mark Federman

Refund Policy for Events

In order to create a positive environment for our participants, we work with our venue and catering partners in advance of our TODN events, to plan for anticipated numbers. If you are unable to attend an event that you have paid for (i.e. non-members), we do appreciate a minimum of 48 hour’s notice, and will extend you a “credit” to our next event”. We also appreciate that “life happens” and understand that there may be exceptions that require you to miss at the last minute. If this is the case, please contact us and we will work with you to determine credit.

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